Mother’s Embrace

Mother’s Embrace

  • Our Mother’s Embrace Maternity Napkins are made from a non-woven, dry perforated film top-sheet, while our Woman’s Touch Sanitary Napkins are made from a cotton top sheet. The materials used to make each napkin creates a touch like silk, making our sanitary pads feel soft and comfortable
  • The breathable bottom sheet of our napkins creates air flow, which neutralizes odours.
  • The soft design of our napkins, coupled with the rich-in-air surface, forms a three-dimensional top sheet which greets the skin with natural cotton-like tenderness and softness. Furthermore, the top sheet can quickly divert the fluid evenly into the inner core keeping you feeling dry
  • Woman’s Touch and Mother’s Embrace Sanitary Napkins contain SAP which lock the liquid in place, preventing side-leakage

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